Tough Trucks ® Challenge

For many 4-Wheel Jamboree participants, the Tough Truck Challenge is the weekend's highlight featuring two racing classes.

stock class allows registrants to enter their daily-drivers and run against the clock. Trophies and bragging rights are the rewards for superhuman displays of driving skill.

tough trucks

Competitors who take it to the next level enter the Modified Tough Trucks. Although these vehicles' bodies look stock and their engines are naturally aspirated, Modified Tough Trucks are otherwise heavily worked over to handle the bumps, jumps, corners, and hazards inherent in each obstacle course. The Modified race format starts with qualifying runs. Then the qualifiers are seeded for the elimination bracket. Side-by-side racing narrows the field until a winner is crowned.

Tough Truck Rules

Tough Truck Payouts

Modified Class
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
2nd Round Losers
1st Round Losers
Stock Class
Place and Payouts
5 + racers
1st: $250 / 2nd: $175 / 3rd: $100 / 4th: $75 / 5th: $50
4 racers
1st: $200 / 2nd: $100 / 3rd: $75 / 4th: $50
3 racers
1st: $150 / 2nd: $100 / 3rd: $50
2 racers
1st: $100 / 2nd: $50
1 racers