Mega Trucks

Mega Trucks have exploded onto the mudding scene and absolutely upended how people watch mud bog racing. Popularize by TV Shows and large events, Mega Trucks resemble Monster Trucks except they run a specific size Tractor Tire that allows them to tackle not just a mud bog, but a large jump we place in the middle of their bog.

This means you can expect Mega Trucks to sling Mud wider and farther than anything you've ever seen, but they'll also hit a tabletop jump and fly upwards of 100 feet through the air and then land back in the mud bog. This is a MUST SEE.

Highlighting the Mega Trucks field at the Bloomsburg Jamboree will be Team Anderson, owned by Legendary Monster Truck driver and Hall of Famer, Dennis Anderson. Weston Anderson and John Gordon will be handling the drivers duties.

Watch Mega Truck competitors compete for a $10,000 purse.

Racers interested in competing with the Mega Trucks at the Bloomsburg Jamboree can register HERE.

Bloomsburg Mega Trucks Payout

  1. $2500
  2. $2000
  3. $1500
  4. $1250
  5. $1000
  6. $750
  7. $500
  8. $500

“Love the new track set-up... MegaTrucks are a huge improvement.” - Becky Ann Bower-Bennett

“Great show, glad I could be there in person” - Zack Magdin

Mega Trucks 2020 Action Shot
King Sling 2020
Mega Truck Action Photo 2020